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Find out about what is required for the company foundation and a successful application for a self-employed visa. Please check what our services include and how the usual procedure will be.



The perfect company form for your business depends on various factors. The German GmbH is usually the best fit. It is the most respected company form in and above Germany and it is well accepted by the immigration authorities regarding your upcoming residence permit application.

The GmbH is a private corporation with limited liability of the shareholders; similar to the British Ltd. or the US LLC. It can have one or more shareholder and can thus be 100 % owned by you or your company.

  1. We create and coordinate all formal documents in bilingual form (English and German) like the articles of association, the formation protocol and the list of shareholders;
  2. The formal formation will take place during a notary meeting in which we will either accompany or represent you and your shareholders. We have well approved partner notaries in different German cities who grant fast and trustful services.
  3. The formal formation proceeding will be concluded with the opening of a business bank account, paying in of the share capital and application of your company to the commercial register.
  4. With registration your company formation is completed. Our immigration team seamlessly takes over the process and you may start your business.



Once the company has been founded, it is time to apply for the appropriate visa. The fact should be checked, whether a visa for self-employed or a visa for employed managing directors is appropriate.

Here it is, among other things, relevant how many shares of the company are held. Depending on which visa is appropriate, different requirements have to be met. In addition, the administrative procedure is also different.

  1. Depending on your nationality, you must apply for a visa at the German Embassy before arriving in Germany. Our team will provide you with an individual list of documents you need to collect. Before you present the documents to the embassy, we will review them and suggest improvements if necessary to increase success chances. We also provide you with an attorney letter and take care of the communication with the Embassy for you and react to any legal problem that may arise.​​
  2. To speed up the whole process we get in touch with involved authorities, such as the immigration office, the chamber of commerce and industry and the labour authorities for upfront clearance on parts of the application that may be problematic.
  3. ​As soon as you have arrived in Germany, we will apply for the final residence and work permit at the competent immigration office for you. We will again draw up a list of the necessary documents and check them for you. We book the appointments and, if you wish, we can accompany you to the immigration office. We will support you until you hold the residence and work permit in your hand.

Of course, we can also take care of your family's visa procedure and guide them through the whole process.

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