The success of a business essentially depends on 3 factors:

  1. the solid concept
  2. the regional need and
  3. the available start-up capital.

The economic success depends on the business plan. Your concept must be well thought out and potentially profitable. The immigration authorities must be convinced that your business can feed you. If you want to, we will advice and support you.

Your business must fit the place and area you want to go. Your company should meet regional needs. We will be happy to advise you wether or not your concept might fit in your favored place.

A certain capital stock must be available to convert a functioning business in Germany. For the GmbH establishment you need at least 25,000 EUR, whereof you must pay 12,500 EUR immediately into your company. The more seed capital you have, the more efficiantly you can start your business.

PRE-CHECK package

Do you need an assessment as to whether your idea has prospects of success? With our Check-Your-Chances-Package you get an initial consultation with our experienced corporate and/or immigration lawyers. We

review your personal situation and evaluate your general prospects of success on the basis of our experience,

check your business concept for plausibility and regional needs and

advise you in a personal consultation via video conference.

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